Dank’s Wellness Emporium set to open its doors later this year in Norman, Oklahoma

 An early Christmas present might be coming to medical marijuana patients of Oklahoma.  Dank’s Wonder Emporium is launching the first of its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (Dank’s Wellness Emporium) in Norman, Oklahoma. 

“Dank’s is more than just a place I go to get my weed. It’s the people that make it more than that.” said Loyal Dank’s customer Charlie Marino.

With stores located from New Jersey to Washington State and a decade of experience, Dank’s goal is to provide a safe and memorable shopping experience to the patients they serve. 

Founder, Random Vaughn, stated, “We started back in 2012 in the medical field and are excited to get back to our roots and help the people of Oklahoma get the medication that they need in a safe and friendly environment.”

Dank’s was the first recreational marijuana franchise in the United States and has just opened the door to include medical only states.  Oklahoma will be the first state in which Dank’s Wonder Emporium is offering a medical franchise opportunity.

Dank’s Wellness Emporium is still waiting on OMMA approval and will be announcing the Grand Opening Date, potentially as early as Black Friday (Nov. 28th) 2019.


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  1. Jesse J Freeman November 11, 2019 at 7:53 pm · · Reply

    Oklahoma is ready!!!!

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