The specials we are running for the months of December - January 2019 are featured below. Don't forget to keep checking back on this page to make sure your up to date on all of Dank's deals and specials. We are in an emerging industry, and we diligently take the time to make sure you are receiving the highest quality cannabis products for the lowest price.

Dank’s Wonder Emporium is the premier shop for all of your marijuana needs! Whether your looking for tinctures, topicals, flower, roll ons, or anything in between, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on having great customer service, and the most reasonable prices you’ll find!

Sun, snow, rain or shine, Dank’s Wonder Emporium is here. We are open everyday from 8am-12am, and even open most holidays. We also have a surcharge free ATM for your convenience. The best part? The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees or taxes to take away from your shopping experience.

Make sure to swing by Dank's Wonder Emporium while these deals last!

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  • specials

    $65 $35

    28g Pre-roll packs

  • $60 $45


  • specials

    $65 $40

    28g Swag Bag

  • specials

    $60 $45

    28g Pre-roll Packs

  • specials

    $42 $36


  • $18 $15

    10 Pack Edibles

  • specials

    $10 $8

    Infused Joints

  • specials

    $9 $7

    Joint 3 Packs

  • $4 $3

    2 Edibles

  • specials

    $6 $4

    Fruit Chews



ALL MIDSHELF ($30-$37) 8THS 25% OFF

7:10pm - Close Every Night | All Day Sunday




Dank’s Wonder Emporium is your premier recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary located in the beautiful state of Washington’s capital city, Olympia! With locations in Edmonds and more on the way. All the wonder you have been searching for awaits you here at Dank’s. We pride ourselves in having the best and largest selection, the best prices, and most importantly the friendliest Budtenders you can find from sea to shining sea. As a result, we establish real one on one relationships with our guests.

If you are looking for a cannabis dispensary that will strive to make you their top priority rather than put you in line and shove you out the door, then look no further! Come meet us and experience the wonder first hand!

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